Trashback to the Future

Public Performance Art Fellowship 2017 with Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative

*Premiered October 1, 2017 @ The Homecoming: Experiments in Creative Emancipation hosted by Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative at NYU's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics *Presented at Yale Divinity School's Religion & Ecology Graduate Conference (April 11, 2018)

Trash is a material consequence of the ritual function of forgetting in a capitalist society that erasure to accommodate for its everyday excess. But records of memory without the home of a body still survive, even as (sub)conscious residue, as traces of the past, as dripping hourglass sand. Witnessing the timeline in which effects of previous actions link process into morphed becoming decolonizes the roleplay of embodied fictions. Because as always, all that is thrown away, that is forgotten, will still return to swirl, gyre suspense, swell gravitational directions, helix like DNA, forward with mutations. As the ocean water rises and its plastic vortexes evolve, plural projections of the future real perform their humanoid limitations. The mythical mermaid crashes on the shore of the Island of Capital, swimming in time, finding the bones of its ancestors, helping tell her people’s story.

(mixed media: found repurposed trash, live performances, video, newhive webpage, .gif poetry, recorded audio with instrumentals & poetry readings)
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