a performance arts collaboration with Frog/Dava Wing

CosmiKnots (pronounced: ˈkäzmik näts) is a collective envisioned by performance artists (Frog/ Dava Wing and KK/ Kk de La Vida) as a creative network embodying ecological concerns through public action. CosmiKnots materializesissues through live arts productions, and operates as a collaborative platform for people to stage critiques on contemporary issues and current events. As performance artists incorporating influences of spiritual traditions and healing practices in our ritual art/work, we believe in the power of cross-cultural narrative storytelling to activate awareness of our planetary situation(s).

Public Ceremonies for the Church of Consumption

NERVE Festival (March 2017) Fort Lauderdale, Florida


JUST Situations Performance Festival (July 2017) Brooklyn, NYC in collaboration with Simone Johnson

“Told around a clock, unfolded as an unknowing map to see situations happening simultaneously across space-time, "Twisted" is a ritual of re-search to explore global inequalities through embodied investigations. As much as we feel like 'individuals' and despite the distance of borders, all our embodiment is entangled in gravitational orbit with each other.

Temple Complexes & Tropical Storms

November 2018 in Cebu, Dumaguete, Bohol, Siquijor, Philippines

Memory Enchantment

August 2019 at POWRPLNT, Brooklyn, NYC