ADTO TA (Yuta, Tubig, Sunog, Hangin, Eter)

[Let’s Go: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether]

Movement Research Fall Festival (December 6, 2019) at Danspace Project in St. Mark’s Church (NYC)
Performed with Raffy Bunal  / Live instrumental & remixed track by Rose Generos / Rhythm transmission with Jacob Walse-Dominguez  / Curated by iele paloumpis / Videography by The Fleet NYC

As movers, travelers & migrant-settlers from islander diaspora, home is a constant state of arrival. "ADTO TA" (Let's Go) is a ritual journey through the five elements, finding roots along the sensual voyage. Translating a bodywork practice influenced by Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, Philippine Hilot, Somatics, Reiki, the movement meditation guides an exploration through elements of earth, water, fire, wind & ether shifting skin across space-time. Blending moving repertoires & sacred rhythms from Visayan islands, Philippines to Lenape islands of NYC, the embodied journey honors elemental roots in the healing transformation of home & memory. Of the earth that holds, all of you. Of rising oceans, of salty tears. Of fire, burning rituals into the night. Of lightness, suspended. Of gaps, of generations of silence. Of whispers, wind’s caress, back into the body.

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