ADTO TA (Let’s Go)

Somatic movement meditation videopoems
(Soundscapes in collaboration with Rosie G.)
For movers, travelers & migrant-settlers from islander diaspora, home is a constant state of arrival. "ADTO TA" (Bisayan for 'Let's Go')  journeys through the five elements, transmuting guided meditation instructions from a bodywork healing practice into a virtual ritual invitation for inner exploration. As a sensual voyage through earth, water, fire, wind & ether, ADTO TA awakens shifting skintimacy with embodied ecologies across space-time. Moving images were filmed while traveling across Visayan islands, Philippines (2018-2019) & from ancestral home on Bantayan island during COVID-19 lockdown. The quotidian reality of daily quarantine life becomes a projected landscape for interior somatic experience deeply rooted at the site of body as home & memory.

YUTA (earth)

iPhone, floss, electric fans, rocks, roots, buses, 3:58 [click image below for video on vimeo].

In this time of global transformation, as our senses become both super digitalized for connection & hyper sensitive to limitations on touch, this videopoem calls upon the necessary grounding of the self in the earthly body. In relation to gravity, allowing the submission, to fall.

TUBIG (water)

iPhone, floss, hanger, shower head, boats, 3:55 [click image below for video on vimeo].

Amidst global upheaval, this videopoem meditates on nature of fluidity ever present as cycles of transformation. For islanders, our bodies of water evolved out of primordial seas, ancestral seafarers & storms after storms. Fast forward, as internet connections travel through underwater ocean cables, the sea still keeps us connected in the currents. By bringing into conscious relation of the body as ocean swimming in data streams, we dive in the agency of fluidity & capacity to dream. To remember. Passages. That we've been here before. Swimming to new shores.

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