ANTHROPOID ASSEMBLAGE composed of Mary Alinney V. + Kk (de La Vida) + etc:avatars

is a sub/tropical Filipina-gringita decolonizing cosmic roots between sea & sky. A graduate of anthropology from Barnard College, an MA candidate in Media Studies at The New School, & endlessly enrolled student of Earth, she experiments with auto-ethnographic storytelling ( Her writing is published online in Alien Mouth, Epigraph Magazine, Rambutan Literary, minor literature[s], Four Ties Lit Review, Coldnoon: International Journal of Travel Poetics and elsewhere. As a 2018-2019 Asian Cultural Council Fellow in dance, she will be spending 5 months on a festival pilgrimage in the Visayan-speakig regions of the Philippines, experimenting with embodied videography & participatory media archives. 

KK DE LA VIDA is an islander nomad's nom de plume & a plural entity of persons, traveling along subtropical seas. A performance artist, KK explores the exposed body as and in techno-ecologies. Currently, KK pursues an MA in Media Studies at The New School. As a solo performer, co-founder of CosmiKnots collective with Frog/Dava Wing and a 2017 Public Performance Fellow with Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, KK has presented at NERVE Festival, Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics and Yale Divinity School, among others. Kk's auto-ethnographic writing is published in Cliterature, Milk Journal, DREGINALD, Brickplight and The New Engagement. Besides embodied research in memory, media, materiality, sexuality and spirituality, Kk is integrating sensual bodywork and plant medicine as their healing arts practices (see & IG@dreampr00fx).

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